2020/2021 Transnational Visitor Survey Chart Report: Danish Wadden Sea Region

In 2020-2021, a visitor survey covering the entire destination of the Wadden Sea World Heritage in Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands was conducted. Its output shows that over 90 percent of guests know that the Wadden Sea is designated as World Heritage site. Additionally, nature protection and information about nature experience are important aspects to the visitors for their stay. The survey is the first visitor study conducted in the three Wadden Sea states simultaneously, led by the National Park Authority Schleswig-Holstein Wadden Sea/Agency for Coastal Defence, National Park and Marine Conservation, and organised and analysed by the NIT (Institute for Tourism and Spa Research) in cooperation with ETFI (The European Tourism Futures Institute) in the framework of Interreg project “PROWAD Link”.

The results can be viewed per country in chart reports: Denmark (click download button below)

Other reports: Germany | Netherlands

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