Wadden Sea Day 2023


Wilhelmshaven (D)

The 2023 Wadden Sea Day is titled "Put the Wadden Sea’s Biodiversity on the path to recovery!" and will focus on biodiversity changes and impacts of its loss on the unique ecosystem and its Outstanding Universal Value as World Heritage Site.

The EU Commission adopted the biodiversity strategy 2030 to tackle the biodiversity crisis. In this context, there are various pathways forward to conserve or improve the current status of biodiversity, but also to restore habitats and populations of threatened or locally extinct species. The Wadden Sea World Heritage Site is one of the global hotspots of biodiversity, with many resident species as well as guests on migration between north and south. This special ecosystem needs tailored solutions to maintain its biodiversity. The strategies include areas of zero-use or active restoration measures for selected species, but also a reduction of pressures by different sectors using the natural resources of the area. 

The symposium aims at giving an overview on the present state of biodiversity conservation in the Wadden Sea and bringing together different active players in the Wadden Sea area to discuss their potential role in paving paths towards more sustainability and protecting biodiversity.

Invited are practitioners, scientists, policy-makers, conservation managers and non-governmental organizations working in the field.

For inquiries please contact antwort@nlpvw.niedersachsen.de